Seminar-room Geophysics
Field excercises
Excursion Aerogeophysics

Applied Geosciences

(Bachelor and Master degree)

The education is located at the interface between classic montanistic engineering and traditional geological studies. It imparts professional expertise in the relevant scientific and technical disciplines, an understanding of geoprocesses and geomaterials as well as further knowledge and skills pertinent to professional activity.

The broad field of activity demands a comprehensive scientific-technical education:

  • a solid basic knowledge in mathematical-scientific and technical matters
  • a well-grounded education in the basics of geoscience
  • the communication of theoretical knowledge and practical skills through on-site and laboratory work training in the methods of applied geophysics and petrophysics
  • a theoretical and practical understanding of the complex system Earth and the interaction of geogenic processes and anthropogenic influences
  • basic knowledge of the general economic and legal framework conditions  

In addition, special courses are held in the area of Applied Geophysics for the following courses of study:

  • Industrial Environmental Protection, Waste Disposal Technology and Recycling (Master degree)
  • International Study Program Petroleum Engineering (Master degree)
  • Petroleum Engineering  (Bachelor and Master degrees)
  • Mining and Tunnelling (Master degree)