Doctoral theses

Dertnig Florian: Petrograpic coded correlations in petrophysics
Supervisor: N. Gegenhuber, J. Schön

Zeiß Jens: Visco -elastic full waveform inversion of controlled-seismic data from the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth
Supervisor: F. Bleibinhaus

Katrin Peters-Poethke: Cavity detection with visco-elasitc full-waveform inversion at Mount Erzberg, Austria
Supervisor: F. Bleibinhaus

Cornelia Tauchner: Phased source arrays for the minimization of vibrations
Supervisor: F. Bleibinhaus

Master´s theses

Elisabeth Diethart: Integrated study to derive a template with thermal, elastic and geotechnical properties for geothermal projects
Supervisor: R. Galler, G. Pittino, N. Gegenhuber

Bernd Trabi: Slowness based compensation of randomly generated pertrubations in Markov chains
Supervisor: F. Bleibinhaus 

Maximilian Haas: Improved seismic stratigraphy of the Norwegian-Greenland Sea from borehole data and deposition models for the continental shelf off NE-Greenland
Supervisor: F. Bleibinhaus W. Geissler

Oliver Pöschl: Landfill monitoring by means of geophysical methods
Supervisor: R. Scholger

Bachelor´s theses

Virginia Fölserl: Regional magnetic field determination in the area Neunkirchen, Lower Austria
Supervisor: R. Scholger