Petrophysics Laboratory


The Petrophysics Laboratory in Leoben possesses excellent equipment for measuring the most important petrophysical parameters. The equipment is used for teaching and research as well as contract work.


Contact: Dr. Nina Gegenhuber
E-Mail: Nina.Gegenhuber(at)
Tel.: ++43 (0) 3842 402 2609


  1. Ultrasonic wave velocities  (v p, v s)

    • Probes for compressional waves in various sizes
    • Probes for shear waves

  2. Gamma ray spectrometer
    Gammaspectrometer: Gs-256, (Geofyzika Brno)

  3. Gas permeability
    Gaspermeameter: GasPermProduction( VinciTechnologies)

  4. Grain density and grain volume
    Gaspyknometer ( Quantachrome Instruments)

  5. Electrical Resistivity ( LGM)
    low frequency and frequency dependent measurements

  6. Thermal conducticity ( TeKa, Berlin)

  7. Heat capacity

  8. Sample preparation

    • Saw for large samples
    • Saw for preparation of cylindrical samples
    • Core drill