Doctoral theses

Zeiß Jens: Visco -elastic full waveform inversion of controlled-seismic data from the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth
Supervisor: F. Bleibinhaus

Katrin Peters-Poethke: Cavity detection with visco-elasitc full-waveform inversion at Mount Erzberg, Austria
Supervisor: F. Bleibinhaus

Cornelia Tauchner: Phased source arrays for the minimization of vibrations
Supervisor: F. Bleibinhaus

Bernd Trabi: Blast Array Optimization for Vibration Reduction in Heterogeneous Models
Betreuer: F. Bleibinhaus

Master´s theses

Bianca Paul: Petrophysical characterization of the granite encountered in the Bedretto Underground laboratory for Geoenergies from geophysical borehole logs
Supervisor: R. Scholger

Bachelor´s theses

Fabian Hausenberger: Traveltime Tomography of the Seckau Basin near Feistritz
Supervisor: F. Bleibinhaus


last updated: 10.12.2019