Elastic full seismic waveform inversion of SAFOD data

This project aims at a seismic site characterization of the San-Andreas-Fault-Observatory-at-Depth (SAFOD) from controlled-source refraction- and reflection-seismic data using elastic Full Waveform Inversion (FWI). Previous studies based on acoustic FWI, travel-time tomography, and reflection Imaging provide detailed models down to 5 km depth but fail to resolve relevant details of the fault zone structure. Within this project we invert the seismic wave equation in 2D to obtain high-resolved P- and S-wave models. The project is funded by DFG within the ICDP special program.
Duration: 10/2014 - 9/2017
Personnel: J. Zeiß, MSc

(a) geologic model of the San-Andreas-Fault at Parkfield after Zoback et al. (2011) with the SAFOD borehole, (b) FWI model of P-wave velocity and (c) reflection image after Bleibinhaus et al. (2007)